Drew Carey on why hes a soccer fan You ever see the Browns

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Drew Carey Cleveland. The man based his sitcom there -- the opening credits included the song, " " -- and he always seemed to embraced the lovable, terrible .But now, 11 years after went off the air, Carey isn't the rabid fan he once was. All the losing -- and politics that Corey Brewer Jersey goes with it -- can do that to a person.Maybe it started as long ago as 1995, when the Browns left Cleveland Peja Stojakovic Jersey not long after Carey's show premiered. The team returned in 1999 and Carey was on the field before the season opener firing up fans happy to have its football team back."I want to send a me sage," Carey said at the time. "A me sage to anyone who ever made fun of Cleveland. A me sage to anyone who ever told a Cleveland joke, or laughed at a Cleveland joke," he screamed out, "You can now, officially, shut up." Three hours later, the Browns were on the receiving end of a 43-0 beatdown at the hands of the .It was around this time that Carey's fandom began to wane, as Jerry Markovich recounts in " ," a look at the team and the city 20 years after Art Modell relocated the original Browns to Trevor Ariza Jersey Baltimore.He got along just fine without the Browns. "I found out then that I didn't need football," he says. When he was growing up, the team seemed to be Kyle Guy Jersey woven into the fabric of the city. After they left, football just felt like a money grab. That apathy started to turn to anger over the amount of public money being spent on the Browns. Carey joined the board of the Reason Foundation, and met with local politicians in Cleveland close to a decade ago to talk about some of the city's biggest problems. Schools were struggling. People were Jabari Parker Jersey leaving. But the first thing that the city council members wanted to talk about, Carey says, was the Browns. Since then, the city chipped in millions for two new 192-foot-wide, 40-foot-tall video boards that Carey noticed were suspiciously shaped like Tenne see, the home state of owner Jimmy Haslam. "I was like, f--- the Browns, man," he says.Carey is still a fan but he doesn't follow as closely as he once did because, as Markovich writes, "he doesn't want the losing attitude to creep Tyrese Haliburton Jersey into his psyche." It probably explains why Carey is more of a soccer fan (he's part owner of MLS' Seattle Sounders).And if your first thought is some variation of, "How the hell did Drew Cary become a soccer fan?!" he has a simple answer for you: "You ever see the Browns?"
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